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“system integrator for industrial control system solution”, “contractor of energy-saving and cost-reducing system projects for industrial & mining enterprises”, and a professional manufacturer of “industrial control and application electric”

Brand intro

“CEAYEA” is sourced from “the eligible shall walk the talk (knowledge-action unity)”. Among which, “knowledge” means that the Company will make use of its rich industry experience, to further ascertain the personalized demand of customers in connection with potential industrial automatic control during production; while “action” means that the Company will, by virtue of its strong technical research power, offer customized solution for customers, i.e. improving automatic control level or achieve energy conservation & consumption reduction during production, so as to further create value for the customers. 


In consistent with mainstream development, the Company will lay emphasis on both scientific knowledge and practice actions, so as to achieve knowledge-action unity. Every employee will become a shareholder of the Company and thus work together with other shareholders to create benefits. The Company will satisfy the customers’ demand, create value for customers, achieve mutual benefits with all partners, seek for multiple solutions for win-win results, bear social responsibilities, persevere in entrepreneurship and innovation, create a favorable circumstance for benign development and make contribution to the society gratefully.


The Company will, based on  “Made in China”, “Interconnection of Things in China”, “Wild China” and “China Dream”, implemented “1+N”  development strategy, among which  “1” refers to electrical equipment manufacturing – the core industry of CEAYEA while “N” refers to emerging industries in consistent with mainstream development, to create core competitiveness and establish good public praise.

Core values

Unremittingly strive to make breakthroughs in technological innovation.
Unceasingly seek for excellent equipment quality.
Perpetually improve harmonious service system.
Endlessly pursue the sustainable development of the company.


CEAYEA • in Shanghai



The eligible shall walk the talk.

     CEAYEA Electric Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is the system integrator of industrial control system solutions and the professional manufacturer of industrial and mining enterprises energy saving system engineering contractor and industrial control and application. CEAYEA is a modernized economic entity with researching, production and sale integrated. It possesses great capacity to develop new technology, advanced testing method, consummate production engineering and scientific management techniques.


The eligible shall walk the talk.



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The eligible shall walk the talk.